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  • Each round lasts one week (5 days)
  • Runs for 8 weeks
  • First round starts week of June 8
  • Finals in the 9th week, beginning Aug 7
  • An extra finals week will be added if needed
  • Gold Medal Winners win 20$ off any subsequent week 
  • Gold & Silver Medal Winners guaranteed a spot in the finals
2023 Outschool Improv Summer Olympics
will you be the ultimate summer improv champion?

Test your ridiculousness in the Outschool 2023 Improv Summer Olympics! This 1 week camp runs for 8 weeks so pick your week now and try to qualify for the final championship week (August 7) . If you don't win a gold or silver you can always try again another week! The final championship week will be a private camp reserved for the gold and silver medal winners of the previous weeks to claim the Ultimate Summer Champion title.


This is a fast, hilarious, ridiculously fun, Olympics-themed, immersive summer camp acting & improv experience. It's lighthearted competition with emphasis on success for all (case in point: see my class reviews for Theatre For Kids Acting & Improv). But make no mistake, winners will be awarded and your learner will get a crash course in acting and building scenes on the fly with no preparation.


There are 8 different weeks to enrol in and over the course of each week, your learner will learn scene structure, narrative, genres, acting styles, improvisation, performance, enunciation, confidence building, acceptance, exploring details and more.


And they will have hours of fun practicing their acting& improv skills. Click below to choose your week now!

For ages
*age range is flexible
98$ / WEEK
(19$ per meeting) usd
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