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Waylaid but not foiled...

Ahhh the pandemic... Need I say more? It uprooted and turned over many of our lives and our global workforce changed drastically. So did the entertainment industry. Fewer and fewer people are seeing movies while streaming video has finally climbed its way to the top. This is both a blessing and a curse. 

It means there is more opportunity for indy projects, but less work for the indie producer out there to earn a wage and pay for them!!  

I was fortunate enough with my timing to move teaching acting & improv online and this new chapter of my life has flourished. I've taught acting and improv to over 800 students in the past 3 years. Forcing me to reprioritize my focus, leaving less time for indie passion projects.

But we're not dead yet!! Never say die! Ha!  This new path has also presented new opportunites and ideas for fun projects you can still be a part of.... (see Saturday Afternoons Live!).  

So if you have already signed up and are just checking in, thank you so much for not giving up! And if you are still wondering, what the heck is an OFC??? Click on "What You Get" in the form below. And oh yeah, it's totally free.  :)


Thanks for reading.


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